Swept Away By Empowerment



Please pardon misspellings as I am typing on a tablet and it is a bit harder than a normal computer.  So, still not feeling well, and I realized that I haven’t gotten the flu since I was like 10, ironic no?  Lifetime of chronic illness but rarely get colds/flu.  Today I went into my transplant clinic because they wanted to check to make sure it was just the flu and not something else.  Labs, blood culture, X-ray and urine test.  So I will find out results in the next few days.  Speaking of urine, I got scolded by my dad who happened to read the posting of how I peed myself.  I got a little shake of the finger and he said that wasn’t very appropriate.  I’ll try to figure out how to put a survey on here to see how many would rather have the blatent honesty or how many think that stuff can be kept to myself.  In the end it is a blog for myself so I might trump what people say, but I don’t want to offend anyone either (let alone my dad). 
  I’ve had to stop all progress on projects I was working on which is really bothering me, but there isn’t much I can do about it.  I did muster up the energy to go to the Heart and Stroke Gala on Sat. Night.  I believe it brought in $89,000!  I mean wow right?  Someone just up and donated $25,000 just like that.  There was a live and silent auction with things I could only dream of bidding on.  Lots of doctors/surgeons, etc. 
  The best advise I can give today is to download the station for Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer.  They both write/compose soundtracks for well known movies.  Jurrasic Park, Mission Impossible, Forest Gump, Edward Scissorhands.  So relaxing.  I am attaching a picture from thr Gala.  I don’t have much else for now.  When I am feeling better be prepared for more spunky blogs, until then adieu.