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Hi Everyone,

  It is a beautiful winter day out! I know in a few months I won’t be saying that and I will so sick of the snow but for now I am ok with it.  As my title states there have been alot of inspirations and alot of inspiring going on this week.  Thank god they are both free or else I would be broke!  Let’s start with my medical stuff. 

   My ovarian cyst is there and a little bit bigger than years before, but stable.  Therefore, we want to just monitor it until further need arises.  I did get a zero on my biopsy which is FANTASTIC!!!! No more rejection!!! The doctors are really messing with my meds to see the lowest amount I can be on and still not have rejection.  The lower amounts the less side effects!

  I met a new girl in the hospital who just got an LVAD and while she was looking at me scared but maybe inspired in the fact that I had gone through it and am doing well, she also inspired me.  What a tuff girl to have gone through all that she has so far!! I don’t see pitty on those who are going through hard times with heart stuff, in so many I see inspiration.  To see what the human body and soul can endure is just amazing. 

   Friday, Dane and I went to a holiday party where again I was inspired by a friend.  When I first met this guy he was shy, introverted, but had determination.  Now just a few years later he is a grown man with a wife, house, and so much passion!!  He is the one who inspired me to do this blog actually and I am so thankful I did.  Everytime I talk to him he has new ideas for me and gives me so much encouragement.  I hope in the same way I can inspire him back. 

    Saturday was a day of inspirations as well!!! Dane and I attended the Second Chance for Life Christmas Party!!! The room was filled with heart transplant survivors, LVAD survivors, people waiting for transplant, caregivers, doctors, nurses, and the founders of the organization.  The founders are out from their transplants 25 years!!!! Dane and I got up from our seats and stood on the side of the banquet and just observed everyone talking and enjoying themselves.  The accomplishments of the people in that room were ashonishing!!  I visited with two women quite a bit and both are waiting for hearts.  AMAZING women, both have had their hearts destroyed by cancer.  To go through two major illnesses and raising kids at the same time and have smiles on their faces is priceless.  I’ll say it again inspiring and I get to stand up tall for them right now and show them what it is like after tranplant.  I will be there for them all the way, helping and I hope guiding.  This is the power I hope that the new non-profit can give. 

  Today I am relaxing.  The messing with the meds is making my tummy icky so I am going to take it easy. 

Tonight we are going to a concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Foster the People!!!! I haven’t been to a concert in YEARS and I love going to them.  What a treat, it is my Christmas presant and I couldn’t be more excited. 

  This week again is very busy. Monday I pick my mom up at the airport and we will work on getting orders for more mittens.  Then I meet a guy who is willing to help me in my various projects.  Tuesday I have a radio show (not sure what station yet) but a PR person from Healtheast contacted me and said she does a weekly health show on a local radio station and wanted me to be on.  So we’ll see how that goes.  I might be better on radio than I am on TV just because I get nervous about my facial expressions.  Then a doc apt with a head, neck, pain clinic.  I have TMJ because I clench my jaw when I am uncomfortable and I get migraines.  Kind of a circular thing.  Wed I have blood draw, cardio rehab, therapy, and meeting with a woman to help plan the Go Red Fashion Show at Macy’s.  Thursday I have a lunchon at Donate Life where I am starting to volunteer and do talks at high schools. 

 Later this week I hope to finalize the logo for the NPO (non-profit organization), and the bylaws!   So don’t worry about me people I AM NOT BORED!!!

  I have opened up my eyes since getting a new heart.  Inspiration is every where, free, and priceless.  I had shut out inspiration before because I knew I couldn’t do anything about it.  I thought I would be in a suffering state forever.  My biggest inspiration was Bill Carlson.  To see everything that man has gone through, how many times he almost died and could have died if he had let go.  How miserable he must have been at times and for so long.  Still today he breaks his pinky toe but still walks around with me visiting people in the hospital. 

Many times it is such a great symbiotic relationship this inspiration stuff.  It is part of the reason I really don’t want to go back to a coorporate job.  At least the ones that I had been in, while I loved the science behind it, I didn’t feel inspired.  I did at certain times but it was taken away and it is hard to get that back.  After going through what I went through I believe that I deserve to at least try to find an occupation where I am inspired everyday.  Where I am excited to do what I get to do, to express myself, help people, etc. 

OK I AM DONE for now.  Migraine is kicking in.  I will post more mittens as they come and update very soon.  Have a great day everyone! My inspiration for today…….


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  1. Maria, You inspire me!! To see someone so young and have so many problems and go through a transplant then want to go out and help others! WOW. Yes you inspire me!!
    Your friend Bill

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