Wednesday, August 31, 2011 4:34 PM

My Full Time Job
                Hi Everyone,

  I hope I don’t bore people with my journals but it is theraputic for me as well so here goes it for this week.  It’s been a busy week thus far.  Mondsy was my biopsy, lab, clinic day.  My Dad and Luann came down to help me with that.  I got another zero/mo rejection on my biopsy so that is awesome.  My doctor is happy with my progress but still very strict with me.  He got very angry with me when I told him I didn’t feel well on Sat. and didn’t call in.  I have to learn not to fight through stuff like I used to.  With my old situation I was uncomfortable or in pain most of the time so I just assume it is normal.  Tuesday I had to go in for more blood work because theynare seeing that my hemoglobin is not going up even though I am taking in a high amount of protein and iron.  At first they though it was a certain med I was on, but it turns out that is not the case.  They said they can tell my body is making red blood cells, but they just aren’t forming into hemoglobin.  I had more labs today again and they will talk about an infusion.  It is alot to manage and exhausting to keep on top of all of this stuff, but I am doing my best.  Friday I offically start cardio rehab which I am nervous about.  I have noticed that I can go up stairs with out chest pain or getting out of breath!!  It has just been hard building muscle.
  Tomorrow my co-workers are stopping by for lunch!! And Lisa and Rony Sutton have been helping me get to my appointments so that has been shelpful.  But just to close up.  I am doing well.  Baby steps everyday but all in the right direction.  Thank you to every one for your prsyers, cards, and well wishes.  It all makes a difference and it all matters.  Bless everyone,


About marialegatt

I am a 33 year old girl (I say girl because I act and look young all the time) who has had heart disease her whole life. In the last few years I have had severe congestive heart failure and in August of this year recieved a heart transplant. This is my journey to be girl/woman who I could never have been before. I plan to set outstanding goals and achievements and hope people support me along the way good or bad.

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