Sunday, October 9, 2011 6:26 PM

The life of a transplant

Hi Everyone,

Sunday evening and Dane is doing the football thing.  I don’t really mind because I get some time to reflect and rest.  This week wasn’t the best.  The bad biopsy on Monday (no rejection through) followed by not good blood work.  My WBC count dropped again so they are still messing with my meds to see how to get it going up.  I am super vunlerable to infection right now so any nick or cut I have to be super careful.  Not to mention going out in public and washing hands.  I also had an endoscopy on Thursday to see what is causing my stomach pain.  Turns out I have a stomach ulcer.  They are not sure if it is from the medications or from a bacterial infection so they took a biopsy and the results should be back this week.  In the mean time nothing seems to work to relieve the buring and the medication to reduce the acid also may cause a reduction in WBC so I can’t take it right now.  They also found out that I may have pancrititis which is inflammation of the pancrease.  The doctor said that my blood worked showed that I had this before my transplant and is most likely due to prolonged used of heart failure meds.  It could be possible that as soon as the ulcer clears up the pancritits clears but who knows.  I have an extra appointment with my doc next week to get things figured out.  Luckly, Dane is off next week and then he starts his new job!!!

I am hanging in there though….still going to cario rehab and want to do more than they let me.  I am reading alot and getting things organized for my young women’s support group and doing some work for Second Chance for Life.  Dane and I went for a walk this morning and I asked him if we could jog…he said yes and we did.  I kept on asking him questions like how do I do this and is this right… do I breathe?  I really never got out of breath…I can tell my muscles need to be stronger but not once did I feel like I needed to rest or stop because my heart was hurting or I couldn’t breathe.  It was a miracle…

Before I sign off I want to take a minute to talk about Galen.  A great man that I got to know in the hosptial waiting for a heart passed last week.  Galen had been living in the hosptial for months waiting for a heart and his heart and kidneys gave out.  His wife Judy rented an appartment near the U to be by his side and visit him everyday.  My heart goes out to their family and friends.  He was a wonderful man.

Donate life!!!

Luv, Maria


About marialegatt

I am a 33 year old girl (I say girl because I act and look young all the time) who has had heart disease her whole life. In the last few years I have had severe congestive heart failure and in August of this year recieved a heart transplant. This is my journey to be girl/woman who I could never have been before. I plan to set outstanding goals and achievements and hope people support me along the way good or bad.

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