Sunday, June 12, 2011 8:25 PM

Another week has passed…

Dane here……………

Maria and had a relaxing weekend at home. Yesterday she went to Target and Wells Fargo by herself while I was at the Twins game with Fred (Maria’s Dad).

This past week we put alot of effort into getting on top of bills/claims/disability and all that garbage. It is really challenging to say the least and frustrating. Maria is SO GOOD at managing her bills and dealing with people, but cannot expend so much energy doing so. I am learning from her how to deal with claims/etc, but admittedly suck at it compared to her. Hopefully I can get up to speed very soon. Maria started cardio rehab again on Friday. It went ok for a while until she had a ventricular arrhythmia that subsided quickly after they decided to call it quits for the day. The transplant coordinator caught wind of this and called us; she said she wasn’t too worried about it but to keep an eye on it. We haven’t noticed any arrhythmias since.

Her energy levels seem to be plateauing, if not decreasing a bit. Probably just a part of the ups and downs associated with her heart disease, but everytime there is a ‘down’ she worries it is the start of a large downfall. I don’t think this will happen anytime soon as long as we focus on her health like we are.

This week should be relatively uneventful. Maria has cardio rehab on Mon and Fri, doctor’s follow up appt on Tues, nurse visit Wed (for the IV meds) and support group Thurs. Next weekend we may head up to Sartell/St Stephen if all is well.

I am taking my boards for physcial therapist assistant on Wed morning and am ready to be even more available to Maria. I am job hunting right now, but, as one might expect am not in a position to jump at necessarily any offer- it would have to make logistical and financial sense right now.

Otherwise, we are busy waiting for the call. The U hasn’t had an adult transplant in over a month and is off the pace for even a slow year. A run of them will happen, its just a matter of time…………………….

On a side-note, we would like to thank some annonymous person(s) for a very generous contribution via our Wells Fargo setup. Thank You (you know who you are!)


About marialegatt

I am a 33 year old girl (I say girl because I act and look young all the time) who has had heart disease her whole life. In the last few years I have had severe congestive heart failure and in August of this year recieved a heart transplant. This is my journey to be girl/woman who I could never have been before. I plan to set outstanding goals and achievements and hope people support me along the way good or bad.

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