Sunday, August 7, 2011 8:59 AM


unday sunday

Good morning everyone-

The last 24 hours have been a roller coaster. She is now clear and free of all tubes/IV’s except the chest drainage tube. This makes life easier for all, mostly Maria. As most of you know, she was able to go for a walk yesterday, about 100 feet. It was truly amazing to see and I get tears in my eyes thinking about it. She hopefully will be up walking at minimum twice daily.

Also yesterday she sat in a chair and out of bed for about 4 hours total. This is great as it allows for the body’s systems to work better/more easily/or just to get them started again. It wasn’t just the heart that was challenged here folks: every system in the body was shut down for the better part of 24 hours.

She was given the ok to commence eating anything and everything. In fact, we are really pushing food on her as she needs to get her strength back, especially as we add more and more activity to her days.

Last night was a bit tough for her. She did not sleep well secondary to low back pain/general discomfort/temperature reg issues. All of these were 100% expected. The back pain happens when someone doesn’t move around much and is common around the 48 hour mark. The temp regulation has mult. components, but mostly is due to the better circulation (that she is not used to) and the medications/fluctuating blood sugars.

Overall, we were/are told that this next couple days will be a roller coaster. Meds will be altered constantly, so consistency will be tough. The key is to: a)get some physical activity b)rest c)eat. She will feel like crap at times. She might even start feeling ‘awesome’ at times soon (at which point we have to remember its probably temporary AT THIS TIME, and to not over do it).

I went at slept in our bed for the first time last night. It was bitter sweet. I was definitely more comfortable, however, I think I checked my phone about a million times to see if I missed any calls from Roger/Mary or the hospital. So goes the battle I guess. A battle I would do for a year straight if I could get Maria a better heart.

While I am on that subject, the surgeon that performed her operation confirmed that her heart was ‘very, very bad’. It just reconfirmed everything we knew about the heart and also about how incredibly ‘well’ Maria did with her old one. Her strength and fortitude is something that I and all should be envious of. The surgeon also said that the new one was a ‘good heart’. They can’t guarentee anything, but they all say they could not be happier with the heart she got :).

Since I am at a keyboard and can actually type more than 10 words a minute, I would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support. As most of you know I am not very outspoken on my religous beliefs- that’s just who I am. But there is no doubt in my mind that a)we had help from a greater power here and b) all of the prayers that were said for Maria paid off and EVERY single one of them helped. So thank you all and may God bless each and every one of you.


About marialegatt

I am a 33 year old girl (I say girl because I act and look young all the time) who has had heart disease her whole life. In the last few years I have had severe congestive heart failure and in August of this year recieved a heart transplant. This is my journey to be girl/woman who I could never have been before. I plan to set outstanding goals and achievements and hope people support me along the way good or bad.

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