Saturday, August 13, 2011 5:19 PM

1st Message from Home!!!
                Here we are!!! My first message from home.  It is great to be home, but the security of the hospital was nice.  We’ve had to do some lifestyle changes at home here.  Throwing more questionalbe food out, not reusing rags, using paper cups for teethbrushing, putting on sunscreen everyday.  Managing the pills will be a learning curve.  I’ve set my phone alarms etc, but it will take time to learn to bring them with me if I am not sure when I will be back from somewhere.  I will also have to wear a mask for the first few months if I go out in public.  Have to ride in the back seat for a few months in the car.  I go back for weekly biopsies for a whole and labs.  Soon I will start cardio rehab again 3 times a week, so this recovery is a full time job for now.

  Lizzy and Momo have been in bliss since we got back, however both were taken such good care of that I don’t think they missed us that much.

About marialegatt

I am a 33 year old girl (I say girl because I act and look young all the time) who has had heart disease her whole life. In the last few years I have had severe congestive heart failure and in August of this year recieved a heart transplant. This is my journey to be girl/woman who I could never have been before. I plan to set outstanding goals and achievements and hope people support me along the way good or bad.

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